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Commercial Painting Services

Exterior commercial painting’s contractor at Nelson’s Painting can give your business a fresh & updated look with professional exterior paint. A fresh paint job has the power to transform the look of your business and inspire confidence is customers. Keep your colors looking fresh and bright, or add an accent color so your business stands out from the competition.

For a commercial painting contractor in San Francisco Bay Area, you can trust, call on Nelson’s Painting Pros. We can tackle interior and exterior projects with ease, taking the worry off your mind and onto more important matters. Our commercial painting company can update your corporate space and turn it into something your customers and employees can enjoy. Your building can be renewed from the outside in, creating a place that represents your brand with a fresh coat of paint.

Our commercial painting services can also improve the curb appeal of rental properties and homes. In one study from Consumer Reports, a new paint job was shown to increase the value of a home by 2-5 percent. Additionally, commercial interior and exterior painting can make it easier for landlords and property managers to fill vacancies. A property that looks clean and well maintained is likely to have more applicants than one with peeling or faded paint.

Interior Painting

Let Nelson’s Painting’s commercial painting service update your business paint scheme to attract new customers & make a professional first impression. New interior paint can make your customers feel more welcome and comfortable at your business, while making your employees more productive.

Exterior Painting

It’s essential that your business or commercial building looks bright, sharp, and well-kept. Having a professional company like Nelson’s Painting come and apply a fresh coat of paint will restore your building to its previous look or make it look like new. We use high-quality paint that can withstand the elements without chipping or fading. We guarantee that you’ll get even coverage with an eye-catching finish that elevates your commercial building to the next level.

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Nelson's Painting Services

Our residential and commercial painting specialists are dedicated to providing clean & quality driven services with an attention to detail and maximum durability. No hidden fees on your cost of labor. Your painted rooms will be fresh and beautiful.

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Contact Nelson’s Painting today to schedule your consultation with one of our color consultants. We always provide free painting estimates for your painting needs!


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When you hire our interior painters, you can trust us to cover all angles, pay attention to details, and deliver your dream home within our agreed-upon timeline.

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